Anthi Afentouli

Lawyer of Thessaloniki

Attorney to the Supreme Court

My philosophy

“Serve the law than anything else”
(Plato the Athenian)
In order to achieve this goal, I remain faithful to the principles of law, I provide valid legal services with responsibility and consideration for the  human himself and the issues that concerns him. My goal is to deal  promptly and effectively with customers’ own affairs, taking only into consideration their own interest.

My mission

Espice, adspice, prospice (looking at the past, looking at the present, looking at the future)
The examination of a problem from all its parameters leads to its’ solution. Lawyers must be the best allies to every citizen of a favored country with the assistance that law and justice secures. In a world that constantly changes and the need for reliable and efficient services multiplies, legal services are required to adapt appropriately to meet the demands of the times. In this context of ever-increasing needs, justice service providers must maintain a high level and quality in their services.


Family law

  • Divorce proceedings
  • Consensual divorces
  • Lawsuits of custody, alimony and communication with minor children, etc.
  • Requests for legal aid

Property Law

  • Purchases and sales of estate
  • Contactor agreements – establishment of horizontal property
  • Lawsuits for estate’s disturbance
  • Action of replevin
  • Interim measures for estate
  • Lawsuits for correction land registry records

Supply & Enforcement Law

  • Home rentals and business leases
  • For breach an inter-contractual obligation
  • Contracts for Lawsuits for tort and personality offense
  • Lawsuits sale goods and services
  • Project contracts
  • Work contracts
  • Private partnership agreements
  • Distributor and Distributor Licensing Contracts
  • Payment orders, opposition and suspension requests
  • Requests for seizure correction
  • Confiscation of property or movable property held by a third party

Commercial law

  • Recommendation – modification of general partnerships and limited partnerships
  • Recommendation – modification of ltd and public company
  • Trustees and general meeting agreements
  • Trademark registrations
  • Conflicts about Securities
  • Specialized protection against unfair and competitive action
  • Conflicts about Industrial Property

Administrative Law

Objections, appeals, requests for cancellation to administrative courts (Administrative Court, Higher Administrative Court, Council of State, Court of Auditors)

Criminal Law

Αs the attorney-at-law of the accused and as well as a civil action for cases, indicatively:
Forgery, fraud, threats, theft, infidelity, breach of duty, bodily harm, insult, defamation, defamation by the press etc., embezzlement.


Into English and German Language


Validations of degrees and all kinds of documents

Non – judicial applications

all kinds of applications in Public Services (Tax Offices, Insurance Funds, Provision, Disability Certification Center, Decentralized Management, Municipalities etc.).

About me

Anthi Afentouli

Lawyer of Thessaloniki (ΑΜΔΣΘ 8954)
Attorney to the Supreme Court

I was born in 1983 in Drama and I was raised with the dream of legal studies. My introduction to the Law School of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki took place in 2000. From the time of my graduation, I focus only on the widening of my knowledge and the in-depth understanding of legal science and legal rules. I obtained a license to practice in 2007, after having completed the required time as a practicing lawyer at a large law firm in Thessaloniki. Substantial and constructive partnerships followed with law firms in the city that are specialized in civil, administrative and criminal law enforcement. After more than twelve (12) years of practice, I have experience in all areas of law, practicing in the courts of law throughout the territory. With basic principles of diligence, accountability and confidentiality, I provide complete case management services related to legal science.


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